Auberge Handfield

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      Maplery package - Auberge Handfield
      Maplery package - Auberge Handfield


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      Reservation Reservation
      Maplery package

      Maplery Package

      *valid Thursday, Friday and Saturday
      from March 3rd to April 30th


      option 1
      night stay
      dinner at the Sugar Shack
      gratuity on meals

      option 2
      night stay
      4-courses dinner
      lunch at the Sugar Shack
      gratuity on meals 


      Fares for two guests in double occupancy

      Standard rooms, inn side
      option 1: 213,50$
      option 2: 282,50$

      Standard rooms, with riverview
      option 1: 233,50$
      option 2: 302,50$

      Luxurious rooms
      option 1: 281,50$
      option 2: 350,50$